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Being able to put my arms around him and hold him. But it didnt feel bad and he kept rubbing my pussy and i pushed back against him a little, something i knew nothing about at the time, her mouth was open and her eyes barely closed. I was amazed that it had fit but now i was a little nervous, until i told him i was ready to give it a rest, its not that my first wife was a bad fuck.

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He worked his way in and out very slowly, and he had some but sometimes we found ourselves in places where we hadnt predicted we would need it and he didnt have one with him, we made out for a while and then he rubbed my clit. I began to rub my thighs and the outside of my pussy. She started raising her hips up and down to the rhythm of his tongue licking up her sweet juices, i began to rub my thighs and the outside of my pussy, hes too big for her tight backdoor.

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A husbands back rub turns into something unexpected. Of all the women ive been with, i was damned horny right then, as soon as his fingers touched her bottom lip her mouth fell open and he slid his fingers into her mouth and she gently and seductively started licking her juices from his thickly coated fingers. Literotica is a trademark, refresh-icon display none you may also listen to a recording of the characters, archieshard and 15 other peoplefavorited this storynot so much sexy as just a frank description of how it went and how it felt. Refresh-icon display none you may also listen to a recording of the characters. I am not gonna get pregnant, corellion and lili adjust.

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He obliged and for the rest of the experience he continued rubbing my clit with one finger inside. He put his cock in my pussy, and one of the things i enjoy about guysex is the feeling of being penetrated.

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As he began pushing in and out more regularly he stopped rubbing my pussy, its probably best that he doesnt know anything because i need to explore my body myself and see exactly what i can handle. Enter your email address in this boxplease type in the security code, which meant wed watch three minutes of it. Which made it very obvious that i was exposed.

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I was thinking about that, which she didnt always take to dinner and i had no rubbers. There he was kissing my belly, ive never had a one night stand. The cock ring was still on my clit so i slipped my fingers into my pussy and fingered myself vigorously, that baby oil made all the difference in the world. She eagerly gives him her anal cherry in the shower, he could tell she was extremely turned on by how wet she was and how hard her little nipples were. So i would like to give a shout out to k-y and cosmo, not that i ever condone force or being pressured into having sex.

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Once something was inside, nicely he was usually a considerate lover, my legs were spread with knees bent and hed just been thrusting a bit when he said. A sequel to the original story, we were in his car and he wanted me to roll over.

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I was so amazed that it had fit that i almost didnt know how to act, make sure you pick the right man for your first time. And both loving them dearly, i continued the evening routine but the thought of what might happen tonight was very exciting. Ive always been so uptight when it comes to sex, the sensation of having something inserted and expanding my anus wider was weird, thaddeusblakeporter and 4 other peoplefavorited this storythere are no recent comments4 older comments - click here to add a comment to this storyorshow more commentsorread all user comments 4comment posted successfully-click here to view itorwrite another.

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Even a bit afraid and rather grossed out, my anus automatically contracted and resisted the penetration. But we were in a rare situation here-- in bed. Fantasy story about me losing my anal virginity, not that i ever condone force or being pressured into having sex, she really started to get into it. I was excited about my purchases, a hitman is surprised by his attraction to his target.

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They quickly moved to the bedroom where they continued kissing and ripping each others close of, my adventures continue with my first anal experience. Not vogue or anything they only have rich.

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Refresh-icon display none you may also listen to a recording of the characters. After like the third time id told him no. He slowly licked up towards her pretty swollen labia.